My birthday – A day full with attention and love towards me

Well, this is an overview of the events that are related to the day – 02 of June 2016 – the day that I grew up to become 31 years old.

The story begins couple of days earlier – when I received a present by mail – a cool USB cup warmer gadget – to keep me ever vigilant, and this lovely card from the company that I work for – onTheGoSystems

I felt very warm and very nice because of that!

So, on the day of my birthday – 02 of June, everything started just like an ordinary day… at least that is what I thought!
However, the GooGle already knew that I had a birthday:

This is awesome! Well, I guess nobody can escape from GooGle, but KUDOS for the thought, GooGle!

The next thing that happened was the multiple wishes that I got via Skype – from colleagues – from my current job and from past jobs and from friends. At that time, I can feel the love pouring in, however, this was not the end – but just the beginning!

Some people think that working remotely, makes you anti-social. Well, I can say that this cannot happen in our company. My colleagues took over one of our regular daily meetings and turned it into a birthday wish marathon – in true multi-lingual fashion!

So, this happened not only once – later throughout the day, I had one more meeting that went in the same fashion. Also, so much positive posts on Facebook and G+, that I am blown off by the attention that I am receiving! My colleagues are and friends are the best!

Wonderful time!

And then my fiancee, Silvina, surprised me with a custom baked cake, developed with love and attention to detail from CoKitchen

Yummy time!!!


Thank you all for the unforgettable day!

You all honour me with your attention to me!