Attending WordCamp Bucharest 2016

River view from one of the windows of CCIR


I attended my first WordCamp outside of Bulgarian borders.

It was in Bucharest in the CCIR (Bucharest Chamber of Commerce) Building and it was a very nice experience.

Here is the link to the event:


My birthday – A day full with attention and love towards me

Well, this is an overview of the events that are related to the day – 02 of June 2016 – the day that I grew up to become 31 years old.

The story begins couple of days earlier – when I received a present by mail – a cool USB cup warmer gadget – to keep me ever vigilant, and this lovely card from the company that I work for – onTheGoSystems

I felt very warm and very nice because of that!

So, on the day of my birthday – 02 of June, everything started just like an ordinary day… at least that is what I thought!
However, the GooGle already knew that I had a birthday:

This is awesome! Well, I guess nobody can escape from GooGle, but KUDOS for the thought, GooGle!

The next thing that happened was the multiple wishes that I got via Skype – from colleagues – from my current job and from past jobs and from friends. At that time, I can feel the love pouring in, however, this was not the end – but just the beginning!

Some people think that working remotely, makes you anti-social. Well, I can say that this cannot happen in our company. My colleagues took over one of our regular daily meetings and turned it into a birthday wish marathon – in true multi-lingual fashion!

So, this happened not only once – later throughout the day, I had one more meeting that went in the same fashion. Also, so much positive posts on Facebook and G+, that I am blown off by the attention that I am receiving! My colleagues are and friends are the best!

Wonderful time!

And then my fiancee, Silvina, surprised me with a custom baked cake, developed with love and attention to detail from CoKitchen

Yummy time!!!


Thank you all for the unforgettable day!

You all honour me with your attention to me!

The journey to meet the (almost) whole team

Finally! The long time that I waited had finally come! No more hiding behind the computer. It is the time to travel to Porto, to meet my colleagues. My journey begun at the small hours on 1st of October 2015. I was lucky enough to get a Uber to the airport my day begun quite well. I arrived at the airport, and I went straight to check-in and then passed trough security and passport control. So here the camera is on manual focus…. because! (doh!)

After that I went to search for my gate at Terminal 2 – A1

And my travel was relatively good and fast and then I reached Frankfurt, where I met some people from my team. It was very exciting to meet all of them, and the fun part is that we bumped into each other in the toilet, so this was our first meeting. Here are some videos after the toilet and on the gate in Frankfurt. Here I tried to make a picture, but the camera was in video mode (doh!)

And now this is the intended video:

And after the flight we arrived at Porto and the next vlog is from my hotel room (now the focus of the video is almost correct).

We had some meetings, games and presentations and the best thing was our coffee breaks. This was the time where you got the chance to meet the person that you talked so much on Skype, Slack or e-mail. I enjoyed these moments. Here it is one of them:

Of course I also got the time to take a picture of a nice small flower in the mean time. These flowers were growing near the hotel entrance and they were so quite and beautiful, that I cannot resist to make a picture. Here it is: IMG_0008 We had also some time to take a group picture, which was very nice. Here it is the photo: OnTheGo Systems Team My colleagues are awesome! They know how to do a good work, but they also know how to party. …we had a party like it is 1695 :)


There was also some time for sightseeing and it was wonderful! It reminded me somehow of our medieval capitol Veliko Turnovo. Here are some pictures of places that I liked:

Also we had a pretty nice river cruise on the river shown on the last photo above. I got some nice pictures from there as well, and of course a video:

The hard part was the departure. It is very hard to leave such positive and full of energy people. It felt to me like I was thrown out of the heaven. However I look positively to the future and I know that the same people will be with me just after some hours – well maybe not in person, but at least in spirit and in Skype, Slack or via e-mail.