I see changes… May overview

I see changes!
I have finally got myself a new domain!
You might wonder, why I would get Italian domain. Well, this is a very short-sighted thing to consider.

My domain is not Italian, my domain signifies that I am IT specialist.

Together with that domain name, and my new shiny certificates from Let’s Encrypt – my site is finally in the way that I would like it to be.

Some more things happened from my last post, until now.

I have got a guitar, and I am starting to learn to play it!

Woe to you all that are around me, for my skill is terrible!


So let’s see what the future will bring…

February overview

First public talk for me

What a nice month was this!

I am very hyped!
So many wonderful things have happened to me troughout that month!

First, I received a very nice present from Silvina – a very nice “Star Wars” coaster.

… and as you all know – the coaster given to a man, is like a ring given to a woman – it creates this kind of relationship where you know the boundaries and what “guidelines” you have to follow – e.g. “Do what the woman say!”


Second, I gave a presentation about Toolset Types in the Bulgarian WordPress community group for the first meeting for the year 2016.
I think that I have done good there – for a first public speaking. I hope that in the future I can develop further my skills as a presenter and maybe some day talk at WordCamp Europe.

And lastly I attended a conference called Bulgaria Web Summit 2016 , organized by my friend Bogomil Shopov

There I spend wonderful time – listening to lectors and useful talks, and I got very interesting and positive ideas – some of them I already proposed in our company.

Also a very curious thing – if you visit the conference site: http://bulgariawebsummit.com/ and scroll down a bit – you can see me on the position where the logo was:



Well, I am looking forward to this new month to be also an awesome one! ( It is beginning to look like a pretty awesome month – more updates – perhaps in the begining of the next one)