Lord of the rings trough the eyes of an ex system administrator

There are some things that bother me in the story of “Lord Of The Rings”
One of them is the whole ring concept.
The second one is the power that comes from these rings.

So now the “evil” lord Sauron crafts about 20 rings.
3 go to the elves
7 go to the dwarves
9 go to the men
and then in secret, he crafts one ring for himself to “rule them all”

One thing that bothers me – why craft rings with magical powers and give them away?
Isn’t this a good deed? Then why Sauron is proclaimed evil?
He is like father Christmas – giving away stuff free of charge.

And what about the last ring? That can rule them all?

Well imagine corporate environment – there are several power users that you give rights to a realm (a server) and you have one system administrator that has all the power.
It is making a complete sense to me to have such a ring and to craft it in secret because the users always want and ask for more access rights (believe me I know that as an ex system administrator).
Also, I think of the rings as a way of identifying his users – not as something bad.

So in essence – the “Lord Of The Rings” is a novel about a system administrator, betrayed by some of his power users that probably install malware on his servers, and in the end, they go and break his admin console (throw the ring of power into the fire pits of mount Doom).

I just had a talk at WordCamp Sofia about remote working

I am very excited to announce here, that I had a talk, in Bulgarian today at WordCamp Sofia about remote working.

Here is the presentation itself – Download presentation About Working Remotely (in Bulgarian)

In my presentation you can find these links:
http://remotive.io/ – List and newsletter about remote work positions
https://remote.co/ – Directory with companies that accept employees to work remotely for them
http://blog.proven.com/remote-work – Interview with top 38 remote working companies and their HR and what they expect from you.