I see changes… May overview

I see changes!
I have finally got myself a new domain!
You might wonder, why I would get Italian domain. Well, this is a very short-sighted thing to consider.

My domain is not Italian, my domain signifies that I am IT specialist.

Together with that domain name, and my new shiny certificates from Let’s Encrypt – my site is finally in the way that I would like it to be.

Some more things happened from my last post, until now.

I have got a guitar, and I am starting to learn to play it!

Woe to you all that are around me, for my skill is terrible!


So let’s see what the future will bring…

February overview

First public talk for me

What a nice month was this!

I am very hyped!
So many wonderful things have happened to me troughout that month!

First, I received a very nice present from Silvina – a very nice “Star Wars” coaster.

… and as you all know – the coaster given to a man, is like a ring given to a woman – it creates this kind of relationship where you know the boundaries and what “guidelines” you have to follow – e.g. “Do what the woman say!”


Second, I gave a presentation about Toolset Types in the Bulgarian WordPress community group for the first meeting for the year 2016.
I think that I have done good there – for a first public speaking. I hope that in the future I can develop further my skills as a presenter and maybe some day talk at WordCamp Europe.

And lastly I attended a conference called Bulgaria Web Summit 2016 , organized by my friend Bogomil Shopov

There I spend wonderful time – listening to lectors and useful talks, and I got very interesting and positive ideas – some of them I already proposed in our company.

Also a very curious thing – if you visit the conference site: http://bulgariawebsummit.com/ and scroll down a bit – you can see me on the position where the logo was:



Well, I am looking forward to this new month to be also an awesome one! ( It is beginning to look like a pretty awesome month – more updates – perhaps in the begining of the next one)

The Martian – the novel

Buy the book - The Martian - from Amazon
Buy the book – The Martian

Well, I read that book. For as little as two days. It is actually a personal record for sticking to non-interactive medium such as a book for such a long a time, and I even refused to watch YouTube videos – like the trend that is – watching “let’s play” videos for Fallout 4 and X-Com 2.

Having done such incredible feat, I cannot fail to convey how bad I feel for watching the movie first.
It is very safe to say, that the movie conveys the story while the book adds a soul to the whole thing. I only wish I never watched the movie, or to watch it post-reading the book. Well, what’s done – is done. Since we cannot reverse and re-order the events in this limited time continuum, let’s not talk any more about the case.

From the start, the book was very enjoyable to read. I always like an honest start, and opening with a sentence like this one:

I’m pretty much fucked.


is something that gives me a good and honest start.
The book is strangely written – in a style that tries to represent a personal journal of a survivor on the red planet.
Most of the logs are written like a retrospect of the day of the survivor, however in some of the log entries, different literature means are used – there are some jumps to the past – long before the chronological events of the story, and in some entries there are jumps between the main character, and the view for the other people – that think that he has perished. Because this book is light and not a horror story, there is a lot of humor inside. In some of the logs there are some indications of “humor by repetition”, but the major part of the humor comes from smart-ass comments by the main character.

The author successfully conveys the feelings from his book – while I read it I felt sorry for the main character, I felt happy, I felt sad, worried and every other conceivable feeling.

In my mind sometimes I imagined the main character as a superman – but without any luck. Some of the tasks that he does in his adventure are daunting and can be compared to the labors of Hercules. Looking now in retrospect, I wonder if someone can be that unlucky!

This was a very nice book and very good hours that I spent. I am almost sorry that the book is over now. I hope that Andy Weir writes more books like that. Perhaps he is the next Asimov?

I love one of the thoughts shared by the main character – that we are all people, and when in trouble – we display the best thing inside of us – the one thing that makes us humans – the ability to have compassion towards the suffering, and the desire to help each other.

The journey to meet the (almost) whole team

Finally! The long time that I waited had finally come! No more hiding behind the computer. It is the time to travel to Porto, to meet my colleagues. My journey begun at the small hours on 1st of October 2015. I was lucky enough to get a Uber to the airport my day begun quite well. I arrived at the airport, and I went straight to check-in and then passed trough security and passport control. So here the camera is on manual focus…. because! (doh!)

After that I went to search for my gate at Terminal 2 – A1

And my travel was relatively good and fast and then I reached Frankfurt, where I met some people from my team. It was very exciting to meet all of them, and the fun part is that we bumped into each other in the toilet, so this was our first meeting. Here are some videos after the toilet and on the gate in Frankfurt. Here I tried to make a picture, but the camera was in video mode (doh!)

And now this is the intended video:

And after the flight we arrived at Porto and the next vlog is from my hotel room (now the focus of the video is almost correct).

We had some meetings, games and presentations and the best thing was our coffee breaks. This was the time where you got the chance to meet the person that you talked so much on Skype, Slack or e-mail. I enjoyed these moments. Here it is one of them:

Of course I also got the time to take a picture of a nice small flower in the mean time. These flowers were growing near the hotel entrance and they were so quite and beautiful, that I cannot resist to make a picture. Here it is: IMG_0008 We had also some time to take a group picture, which was very nice. Here it is the photo: OnTheGo Systems Team My colleagues are awesome! They know how to do a good work, but they also know how to party. …we had a party like it is 1695 :)


There was also some time for sightseeing and it was wonderful! It reminded me somehow of our medieval capitol Veliko Turnovo. Here are some pictures of places that I liked:

Also we had a pretty nice river cruise on the river shown on the last photo above. I got some nice pictures from there as well, and of course a video:

The hard part was the departure. It is very hard to leave such positive and full of energy people. It felt to me like I was thrown out of the heaven. However I look positively to the future and I know that the same people will be with me just after some hours – well maybe not in person, but at least in spirit and in Skype, Slack or via e-mail.

WordCamp Europe 2014 – Sofia

This year, my home city – Sofia was the host for the WordCamp Europe event. Usually I attend every WordCamps, but this event was from a different magnitude. On the event there were many people from many different countries – that many, that I could rarely find someone speaking my native language – Bulgarian. This year was also different for me because I have joined the great community of the makers of WPML and ToolsetOnTheGo Systems and I very much enjoyed that they have sent my colleagues to attend the event with me and it was a bit more fun for me that way. We visited different lections together.

George Botsev, Juan de Paco and Dario Jazbec Hrvatin
George Botsev, Victoria, Juan de Paco and Dario Jazbec Hrvatin photo by Margarit Ralev

During the lunch break, I have found one of my other colleagues – Denise, and she joined us.

Denise VanDeCruze, George Botsev, Dario Jazbec Hrvatin and Juan de Paco
Denise VanDeCruze, George Botsev, Dario Jazbec Hrvatin and Juan de Paco

I am usually a bit shy around so many new people, but during the lunch, while I was waiting in queue, I was in line after Marion Gooding, and he said “Hi” to me and we exchanged business cards. He is Partner/CEO at Untame.net and a very nice guy! I have visited their site in the past – they develop beautifull professional WordPress themes, and also have some pretty good tips for creating themes for beginners and advanced users. On this event I was also able to meet more of my colleagues for a short time. Finally at the end of the event we were able to meet in one place and take a group photo.

Joanna Dawid, Juan de Paco, Paweł Wawrzyniak, Agnes Bury, Dario Jazbec Hrvatin, Denise VanDeCruze and George Botsev
Joanna Dawid, Juan de Paco, Paweł Wawrzyniak, Agnes Bury, Dario Jazbec Hrvatin, Denise VanDeCruze and George Botsev

On this event, in the second day I also met Andrew Georgakopoulos from a new managed WordPress hosting provider called PressidiumThey are offering quite good managed wordpress hosting solution. I have registered for a private beta, and I will soon review their service. I enjoyed the event and the company of my new colleagues. I hope that we meet more often, because they are very cool and nice guys and gals!