System Administrator

By devopstom [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

I have a vast experience in system administration.
I have worked many years administering servers and computers in Windows Server Active Directory.

I have experience with:

Hardware and software support of servers
Exchange 2010 support
Nagios monitoring of servers and services
Active Directory
VPN solutions
Disaster recovery and backups
Group Policy editing and settings
VBscripting, cmd/bat batch scripts
Accound management
MySql, MsSQL and Oracle Database administering
Hardware Inventory
and many more not listed here…

Soldering And PCB Repair/Rework

I have a pretty good experience with soldering and pcb repair during my carrer in electronic manufacturing.

I am able to resolder many kinds of semiconductors and passive components without problems.

Also I am trained to successfully recognise problems in the PCB and repair them.